Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy

Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ecstasy Soundtrack

Ecstasy Soundtrack seeking


Ecstasy the film based on the book by Irvine Welsh is looking for bands and artists to submit music for consideration to be included in the film and soundtrack. ECSTASY is a dark romantic comedy, based on the controversial book, "Ecstasy", by Irvine Welsh. "Ecstasy", was translated into 20 languages and was a number one bestseller in over 20 countries. Mr. Welsh's first book, "Trainspotting", published in 1993, (and voted by Waterstone, Europe's largest bookstore chain, as one of the Ten Best Books of the Century), sold over 1 million copies in the UK alone, and has its own Cinematic Cinderella success story.

The film will shoot in Scotland will be directed by Rob Heydon, acclaimed director of music videos and commercials.

Other artists currently on the soundtrack include Paolo Nutini, SLAM, Bob Marley, Supertramp, The Undertones, The Chemical Brothers and The Stone Roses and many others.

For more information go to

Check it out on the link "Soundtrack." The producers are looking for artists to submit songs for the soundtrack.

Artists can contact Sharif Ahmed via email:
- 30    -
Media contact for interviews or more information:
Danielle Iversen, Publicist, that PR thing inc.
or    Ashley Elliott,  Assistant
416.923.6566 or

Ecstasy soundtrack contest

Ecstasy the film is looking for submissions the Deadline has been extended from May 31 to June 30.

[Photo] Shelby Gonder said... "Ecstasy" by: Bone Thugs N Harmony

"T9X" by: tech n9ne 7:29 PM [Photo] greg paterson said... the prodigy: out of space
aphex twin : digeridoo
groove armada: i see you baby(shaking that ass)
faithless: drifting away
nightmares on wax:les nuits
roni size: brown paper bag
altern8: evapor8
shamen: ebenezergoode
E-zee posse: everything starts with an E

9:08 AM [Photo] greg paterson said... everything starts with an e :e-zee posse
out of space: the prodigy
digeridoo: aphex twin
drifting away: faithless
les nuits: nightmares on wax
this is the one: the stone roses
ebenezergoode: shamen

i could go on all day!!!!!!

9:12 AM [Photo] Way into Gerard Way said... I believe the film will have an extended fan base from those who listen to the band My Chemical Romance if at least one of their songs is in the movie. Based on the fact that the band was named after the book “Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance”.

Even as background music, they are very talented group.

Their new album is dark and all about death and suffering. Very transferable to the plot if the book/movie [however they remake it].

"Teenagers" is good, very popular.

"Mama" can be edited to make a good track for the movie in my opinion

"The Sharpest Lives" is a great junkie song.

Best of luck to all involved in the production, i hope its a hit!

6:39 AM [Photo] Anonymous said... no you moron we cn't have my chemical romance. Mainly because their music would never do anything written by Irvine Welsh any justice. I suggest the Stone Roses, Iggy Pop, Happy Mondays and A Storm in Heaven by Verve and greg paterson is also right except for groove armada. 7:44 AM [Photo] Anonymous said... M83 and detroit techno 4:18 PM [Photo] Anonymous said... the prodigy- Break and enter/Charly/out of space

stone roses - daybreak

shamen - ebenezergoode

some old school bonkers stuff :D

1:16 PM [Photo] Anonymous said... AK1200 - Drowning (Clev. Lounge)
Richard Morel - True
Orbital - Halycon (on & on)
L.A.O.S - Morning Child (DNB Mix)
Roni Size - No More

Could go on, maybe some quick 2 step and alot of fast soul music (London Elektricity)

4:13 PM [Photo] Anonymous said... maybe this song can be in the soundtrack

demoliton lovers by my chemical romance...

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